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Accuracy Automation AccuMot Da1Dilution Actuator

Since its founding in 2007, Accuracy Automation has been working on continuous revisions and improvement actions with our customers with no sense of reduction and speeding up the replacement of dilution agents from other manufacturers.


Today, with our extensive experience, dedication and support to major pulp and paper manufacturers in the country, we have, through a partnership between ACCURACY and VERACEL, developed 100% national acting system,  AccuMot DA1 - Dilution Acutuator 1, us enabled the replacement of 75 actuators and the installation of Vrem control software, with superior maintenance results and capabilities. "


Military Standard Connector / Free Cable Actuator

- Handle for manual actuation

- Double sided mounting for protection against infiltration

- Handle for manual actuation

- inside moisture protected enclosure

Stem Guide / Resolution 0.5mm / revolution

Removable front cover, retainers easy serviceability

Quick Change System

Sistema Troca rapida

Quick change system, Allows the exchange of the actuator with the machine in operation.

Support Block

Holds stem in position during replacement and helps support

Prevents engine water ingress
In case of seal failure, water flows out of actuator

Tool to hold the actuator in position and allow the engine to be changed even with the machine running

Actuator Drivers

Drives dos Atuadores

• Control drive for AccuMot DA-1 Actuators.

• Each Drive Controls 2 Actuators


• Front Status LEDs


• In the event of a drive failure, the board may be replaced with a system in operation.


• In case of actuator (motor) failure, the communication network is not interrupted.


• Cables can be replaced independently of motors and drive electronics.

Electronic module panel

Driver for up to 20 Actuators

- Control Driver 

- Each Driver Controls 2 Actuators

- Front Status LEDs

- Quick Plug Connectors
- easy Removal at replacement time

- Communication between Drives made through connector bases installed in the Rack

Software Vrem 3

Sofware Vrem 3

      - VREM: Virtual Reliable Event Manager (version 3).


     - Software for transverse control of weight (Dry Weight) and humidity.


     -  Accuracy AccuMot DA-1 Actuator Control





Jorge Sarcinelli - Pulp Production Manager

“The partnership with Accuracy has yielded excellent results in the design of upgrading the transverse weight control by installing the AccuMot DA1 actuators. We knew of the challenge that would be the installation of equipment of such importance and magnitude, by a national company and with a period of just over three months between placing the order and commissioning. The commitment and mutual collaboration between the partners was exemplary and ensured success in the installation, with everything on schedule and without significant problems. The objectives for quality and production have been fully met and as an added benefit, AccuMot actuators have a design that makes maintenance much easier. Successful project!”


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